A Message from SpaceiShare re: COVID-19

A Message from SpaceiShare re: COVID-19

How we can help front-line workers. 


It's been a sobering few months in 2020. This wave of insecurity that has threatened our way of life has attacked everyone, not only physically, but financially as well.

As I sit here comfortably in my own home, I feel helpless. Sure, I'm doing my part by self-isolating with my family. However, I'm also aware of the many hospital workers, including family, both here and across the world, are being faced with the most difficult challenge in their lives. Not only are they trying to keep as many people healthy enough to return home, they're also worried for their own health and the health of their families. 

Consider too, that many hospital care workers, if not right now, are very quickly going to need additional places to lay their heads in-between shifts. Going home to their families will no longer be an option, and if their families can't be shifted to a "second home" - how can they financially manage when paying for a hotel or other accommodation.


I also had a call a few days back with a representative from the Economic Development team from the town of Whitby. Truck drivers, working double shifts to get food and supplies into the hands of Canadians, don't have a place to stop their trucks along the highway. Many places are closed down and they're exhausted and hungry.


These anecdotes are a few of the use cases we're hearing about, where people are desperate for help; while many thousands of others are seeking ways offer assistance.


When I received a call from the newly-formed team at www.TheHomeFront.ca - I was immediately responsive. 

The 'home front' refers to the efforts of civilians when their nation is at war. For decades, people have come together to support one another and their country during times of need. Today, we are building a network of volunteers who can get the front line COVID-19 workers what they need most urgently, to keep us all safe. 

What can we do to help?

We're about sharing spaces - sharing storage, parking, warehouses, office and extra rooms in our home. Today, I'm asking you to DONATE YOUR SPACE to our cause. #freespaceCOVID 

DONATE YOUR GARAGE, SHED or OUTDOOR AREA FOR A NEIGHBOURHOOD DROP: As we speak, people across Ontario and the country are looking for places to donate supplies. Through grassroots and corporate initiatives, The Home Front is seeking neighbourhood garages, sheds, warehouses and centres where donations can be dropped, then picked up by a delivery service whereby it will go to a larger location to sort, then disinfect, then dispense.


DONATE YOUR LARGE SPACE TO STORE AND SORT: Once items have been collected in the community, it needs to be delivered to a warehousing facility where supplies can be sorted and stored, before being dispensed to nearby hospitals. Ideally these locations are centrally located and available to use for Spring season and beyond.



ATTN AirBnB/VRBO hosts; landlords, people with basement apartments or empty rooms with separate entrances.

If you live near a hospital or public transit line, front-line workers need a place to stay in-between shifts. If you have a separate bedroom or apartment that you can donate, please consider doing so. While other businesses are offering 40% off, it's NOT ENOUGH. These spaces need to be FREE of charge. Airbnb is already working with their hosts to offer up free spaces for healthcare workers but posting across other platforms will only help more people find more spaces.



DONATE YOUR PARKING SPOT OR LOT: Weary truck drivers need a place to rest as they spend countless hours on the road getting supplies to Canadians. We need parking lots across the 401 Corridor and across Canada and beyond where they can land. Consider too that parking spaces near hospitals are needed now more than ever! Please open yours up to a hospital worker.




SPACEISHARE HAS CREATED A NEW VERTICAL to help in the immediate need of identifying spaces during the COVID crisis. When you visit SpaceiShare, you will now see a new button.


When you POST a new listing in the COVID section, the listing will automatically be zeroed out. There will be no exchange of money - only messages and calendar bookings will be made in order to keep track of your space booking.


We ask that people requesting free space provide the Host detailed information about how their donated space can help.


For HOSTS - simply "clone" your listing under your profile and use the same listing for the COVID section. 

We have included an article on ways to minimize your risk surrounding COVID 19 when you're sharing space


I thank you very much to the community for doing their part. I wish you and your loved ones a safe and healthy Spring.


For any questions, comments or suggestions on how we can do better, please contact me directly at sarah@spaceishare.com.


Be well,


Founder, SpaceiShare

photo courtesy the National Cancer Institute by UnSplash