Beautiful Basketball Gymnasium in Pasadena Texas for rent

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Got a team of friends looking to play basketball on a regular basis? Want something a little more private than the community centers? Pasadena has a hidden gem in Pasadena and the ReviveMe! Church on Fairmont Parkway. 
This is a great center that has a gymnasium available to rent in Pasadena Texas to various people - fitness class trainers, basketball sports teams, family reunions and other great ways to rent space in a gymnasium.
Check out this space. The ReviveMe Church gymnasium is available on an hourly basis of $84/hr - you can rent until 10pm each night and it's a great place to host a kids basketball organization. The best reason to rent the space - you're supporting a wonderful church organization in your community.
To book space, register on SpaceiShare and then choose the week you'd like to rent. Otherwise reach out immediately to our SpaceiShare team and we will respond ASAP. For fastest results, text 713-992-4761.