How to Rent My Parking Space in Toronto

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How to Rent My Parking Space in Toronto

How to Rent My Parking Space in Toronto

With summer fast approaching, many people in the city will be looking for spaces to park while spending time in Toronto. Renting out a parking space in Toronto just got easier.
SpaceiShare is Canada’s marketplace for storage and parking. We connect people who need space, to people who have space, all in a safe, trusted, reliable environment. Whether you’re looking for a place to park your car, RV, boat or food truck, to storage of your baby gear, furniture or paper documents, we have a convenient place that can save you more than 50 per cent when you rent nearby. SpaceiShare is fully insured, so whether you’re a Host or a Renter, you automatically receive insurance coverage using our platform, reducing the stress that renting out to strangers might cause.
Consider becoming a Host through the SpaceiShare platform, and join the rapidly growing community of people safely capitalizing on their unused spaces.

Benefits of Being a SpaceiShare Host

Safe – your property is insured. SpaceiShare has a $1M insurance and liability policy for all of our Hosts and Renters, making it safe and secure to share space.

Listings are FREE. You determine the price, level of access for your Renter and Rules of the House.

Easy payment collection. No need to chase down your Renter for monthly payments. We guarantee your payments each month through our platform.

Need more information about renting your parking space? Learn more about how to become a host with SpaceiShare:
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Visit the SpaceiShare website for more information about becoming a Host.