Parking and Storage in Yorkville

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Parking and Storage in Yorkville

Previously its own village, Yorkville, has grown into one of Toronto’s most elite area. Contrary to popular belief, Yorkville is not a part of the Annex. As of 1830, it is its own neighbourhood and was annexed in 1833. This area is situated between Bloor Street and Davenport Road and Yonge Street and Avenue Road. It runs through Bloor and Bay Station. Unlike other areas of Toronto, it has a very diverse and unique layout featuring a mix of residential & commercial areas. 

Yorkville is a part of the “Dish With One Spoon Territory,” specifically home to the Anishinaabe, Mississaugas and Haudenosaunee nations. The “Dish With One Spoon Territory,” also known as Treaty 13 (1805), bound them to share the territory and protect the land. Subsequent Indigenous Nations and peoples, Europeans and all newcomers have been invited into this treaty in the spirit of peace, friendship and respect.

Over the years, this neighbourhood has transformed the bohemian-style housing into a high-end shopping district filled with parks and modern promenades such as Mink Mile. Mink Mile is the 28th most expensive shopping street in the world. With an average rent of $310 per square foot, Mink Mile is the 3rd most expensive retail space in North America and sits at number 1 in Canada. This upscale promenade features stores and is often compared to Los Angeles’ Rodeo Drive. 

Among the quaint boutiques, Yorkville has many deluxe patios and restaurants. Inspired by New Zealand cuisines, Hemingway’s has been one of Torontonians’ favourite restaurants for decades. This hipster food spot has multiple tiered patios open every season. Ironically, the restaurant has nothing to do with Ernest Hemingway and is, in fact, kiwi bird-themed. Unlike the rest of Yorkville, Hemingway cooks high-quality food and incredible prices! 

Fashion dominates this neighbourhood, especially the Bata Shoe Museum. This museum has one of the largest shoe collections in the world! They have shoes from all eras and corners of the world. You can even find Terry Fox’s running shoes and Elvis Presley’s blue loafers. Surprisingly, there are a few niche museums in this area. Another great one is the Gardiner museum with all kinds of ceramics. Founded in 1984, this museum provides a unique outlook on ceramics from all over history. If museums are not up to your ally, try one of many art galleries. Mayberry Fine Arts feature pieces from post-war Canada. 

If you’re simply looking to relax, check out Yorkville Park. This small piece of greenery is separated into multiple sections to illustrate Canada’s diverse landscape. However, the most mesmerizing bit is it’s one billion-year-old landscape. This rock is from the Canadian Shield and weighs an astounding 450 tons!

However, not all of Yorkville is green. Since the early 1980s, luxury condos have been shooting up around the area. One of our favourites is the Toronto Luxury Suites. Featuring an array of room styles, they have a space for everyone! However, for those who do not live in these luxury condos finding parking & storage might be proven harder without the proper help. can help you find the ideal storage or parking space right in Yorkville.