Parking at Regent Park and Riverdale

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Parking at Regent Park and Riverdale
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Regent Park is fast growing into a great new location to buy a condo, townhome or property. The biggest issue in the city is finding affordable parking downtown Toronto. If you're looking for cheap parking, there are plenty of spaces. Finding parking that's affordable and easy-to access in the Regent Park area can be challenging. With the new development going on daily, commuters, people seeking monthly car parking in Regent Park or even if you're seeking vehicle storage in Regent Park can be an issue.
Here's some info about the new developments of Regent Park according to Wikipedia:
"More than a half-century old, the Regent Park projects were aging rapidly and in need of costly repairs. The city government developed a plan to demolish and rebuild Regent Park over the next many years, with the first phase having started fall 2005. The addition of market units on site will double the number of units in Regent Park. Former street patterns will be restored and housing will be designed to reflect that of adjacent neighbourhoods (including Cabbagetown and Corktown), in order to end Regent Park's physical isolation from the rest of the city. In support of the Clean and Beautiful City campaign by former Toronto Mayor David Miller[6] and to further the goal of renewing architecture in all Toronto Community Housing projects, an architectural competition was held for the design of the first apartment building in the complex. Toronto-based architectsAlliance was selected winner of the competition, with a modern glass point tower set on top of a red-brick podium structure in their proposal.[7] While phase two had not yet been completed, the third stage of the revitalization plan began in May 2014, which will include newer or updated facilities. The revitalization plan has five phases. Phase two of the revitalization plan was completed in 2018 with the third phase set to be completed by 2021/2022.[1]"