Summer Road Trips: 5 must-have apps

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Summer Road Trips: 5 must-have apps

Hitting the open road this summer? These apps will keep you entertained, organized, and in-the-know. And better yet, they are all free.

  1. Tune In Radio. Music and driving go hand-in-hand, and with this app, you don’t have to search for a station you like and that is in range every few hours. Not only does it offer access to over 100,000 radio stations from around the world, but you can also stream from a seemingly endless number of podcasts, concerts and talk shows. And while all this may sound intimidating if you aren’t “techy”, it actually has a very user-friendly interface. From music to news updates, local traffic reports to sports scores, this radio app has it all.
  2. Roadtrippers. The journey is just as important as the destination, and with Roadtrippers you won’t miss a thing along the way. With this app you can enter your starting point and end destination, and the app will find interesting places for you to stop along the way. There are different categories to choose from including hiking, historical markers, adventure sports, and amusement parks. Read up on each attraction, add it to your trip or save it on your “Bucket List” for another time.
  3. iExit. Fast food, gas stations, rest stops, hotels, hospitals, whatever amenities you need, iExit can help. Once the app finds your location on a highway, it will show you the upcoming exits and their facilities, and how far away each of them will take you from your route. Very helpful, especially if you have time constraints. You can even use this app to plan out your route ahead of time, simply input which highways you will be taking and then schedule your stops accordingly.
  4. Yelp. When you’re tired of fast food, or looking for authentic, healthy and local dishes, use Yelp. Not only will you find local eateries, but also microbreweries, organic coffee shops, and farmers markets.

Now that you’ve got the technology for a great summer road trip, who will you get out and explore with?

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By Christine Tompa