Stay Entertained In Smaller Spaces
Stay Entertained In Smaller Spaces

Do you live in a small house or apartment? If so, you might have found that working on rewarding hobbies can be challenging in a limited space. We’ll discuss the best interests and activities that require less room while considering how modern equipment makes common hobbies possible in smaller spaces.

Gaming Makes for a Great Small Hobby

Gaming is one of the most space-efficient ways to stay entertained in a small space. Though a gaming console like a PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, or gaming PC costs quite a bit upfront, they take up little space and use your existing home entertainment system, while the Switch can be handheld. And while you might have childhood memories of a bookcase full of game cartridges, most games are now downloaded from their respective online stores and only take up virtual space.

Card and board games make for a fun social activity for you and your friends without needing much more than a table and a small storage place. These kinds of games maximize your space since they have their own boxes, and the entertainment comes from playing within the rules (or making up your own) and the people you play with.

The same goes for hosting poker or other card game nights at your place. All you need is the cards, your dining or coffee table, and a few chairs. And if you prefer to play online to get the best payout percentages on, then all you need is your computer or phone!

Reading Provides Hours of Entertainment

For reading, you have a couple of options that help you save space while learning a subject or developing an emotional connection with a book. A small storage bin helps organize and tuck books away when they aren’t in use. There is an excellent alternative to paper books unless you love the smell and feel of the written word: an e-reader that provides cloud or internal storage instead of taking up square footage. Books purchased online save you cash, too, and make your living space less occupied.

Cooking Offers Fun and Experimentation

You don’t need too much cooking equipment, so even a small kitchen will do when you want to explore culinary delights. Learning the science of baking provides insight into how your favourite foods taste so good and how you can make them even better. For example, you could discover how to balance ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies crispier or fluffier to achieve your preferred texture and taste.

YouTube and many other sources provide excellent, often free, cooking tutorials if you aren’t too familiar with the kitchen and want guidance without adding to your bookshelf.


Musicians enjoy playing instruments and creating music to exercise their creativity. Instruments don’t need to take up significant space, and many woodwind or string instruments can be stored under a bed or hung on a wall with anchors.

You can start learning how to play or even just enjoy music at any time. Playing music has lifelong benefits, including improved memory and increased social connections.

Crocheting and Jewellery

Want to learn a fun and valuable skill? Take up crocheting. The art of hooks, needles, and yarn rose in popularity during the pandemic as a worthy way to pass the time while enabling you to make all sorts of comfortable items.

Once you are done, what should you do with that fuzzy new scarf or mittens? Wear them. Give them to friends, try to sell them, or donate them to charity. Crocheting has health benefits, too, as repeating the action of using hooks and needles reduces anxiety and stress.

Crocheting takes minimal space, too, as long as you have bins to store your yarn. The hobby is also economically friendly, as yarn isn’t too expensive.

Home Brewing

When people think about going to a brewery, they picture large aluminium tanks or wooden barrels standing in a restaurant. Thankfully, for those who enjoy beer, whiskey, and wine, there are much smaller alternatives with home brewing kits that don’t have a big footprint.

Brewing at home is an art in itself, much like cooking. If you enjoy unique craft beers, you can create your own flavours by fermenting different hops and adding anything from orange peels to whatever suits your taste buds. We suggest carefully documenting how you make your drinks so you can recreate them if you stumble upon a delightful recipe.

Adapt Your Hobby

Are you downsizing from a larger house to a smaller home or apartment? Continuing the same hobbies can be tricky when you suddenly have less space, so consider making your hobbies smaller. Woodworking is a common pastime that has the potential to take up lots of space—saws, chisels, and a lathe in a shop all spring to mind—but you can transition it into a condensed form by whittling or carving smaller pieces of wood instead.

Get a Great Workout or Do Yoga

Thanks to modern gym equipment and streaming videos, you can easily get exercise and practice relaxation techniques from methods like yoga without having a pile of barbells or an entire studio. Minimalistic setups are readily available, and you can make your exercise routine as simple as using a padded floor mat for comfort or a resistance band.

Taking advantage of all your space for making bodily movements, stretching, and weightlifting promotes overall health, no matter where you live.


The size of your apartment or house doesn’t have to limit the hobbies you enjoy or require you to rent storage space from your neighbour. You don’t need much floor space or seating to have friends to partake in shared activities. Learning or continuing an old pastime might be just what you need to have more fun when at home.

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